The I.F.G.E. (French Corporate Governance Institute) is pleased to present you the Guidelines for reasonable corporate governance. It is a new edition, completely revised, updated, and translated from the French version published in 2009. The initial version provided the foundations for the MiddleNext corporate governance code, which is the governance code the most used in France, reflecting its direct application. After five years of discussions, analysis, and feedback from users, it has now been updated with fine-tuned adjustments and improvements.

These guidelines constitute a toolbox to assist governance stakeholders (managers, directors, shareholders, analysts, investors, consultants, or experts) to produce their own analysis and assessments. This is the very essence of « reasonable governance, » whose sole purpose is to promote growth in situational knowledge.

We know that a future version will be further enhanced by contributors, academics, and experts. In this respect, the I.F.G.E. welcomes the chance to receive comments and related discussion.

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